Lawbreakers Official: Trench

Jayson miller trench ms supplemental 02
Jayson miller trench ms primary
Jayson miller trench ms supplemental 03
Jayson miller trench ms supplemental 01

With the launch of Lawbreakers on PC & PS4 Here are some official shots from the map, Trench.

All maps are obviously a collaborative effort among many moving parts. However, specifically, I was responsible for many tasks within a small Environment art team across a wide range of disciplines including modeling, texturing, materials, technical aspects of game art (collision, lods , etc.)

Credit goes to the amazing LB team:

Art Direction: Tramell Isaac
Environment Lead: Josh Rife
Environment Art: Eric Klokstad, Ned Gasorntip, Neil Pascarella, Ivan Bonachea, Josh Pegram
Level Design: Hunter Peyron
FX: Nick Peterson, Brandon Bickford
Lighting/TA: Jonathan Bishop
TD: Jonathan Ferguson
Outsourcing: Ryan Hawkins