WHK_Enter Genwu

A first attempt for my personal project "WHK" in the form of a small test scene/diorama. It was mainly a test to see how much I could get away with some lighting in UE4 with as few assets as possible. I'll be revealing much more about this project in the future but thought i'd post it up anyway. The assets were done by me except for the cliff faces/rocks. Those were taken from Epic's KITE demo.

Genwu is one of the four main protagonists who all have their own unique environments. Genwu is representative of the North, Winter, Water, Earth & Cold. The prompt and more info/progress for his environment can be found on my website/blog- http://www.jaysonmiller.com

I hope to play up this project more in the future after I revisit and actually make finished environments instead of just small tests. It's a game project i've had in mind for years and hope to pitch one day :)

November 21, 2015