LawBreakers - Station: Battery Room

With the launch of Lawbreakers on PC & PS4 Here are some more shots from the map, Station.

All maps are obviously a collaborative effort among many moving parts. However, specifically, I was responsible for many tasks within a small Environment art team across a wide range of disciplines including modeling, texturing, materials, technical aspects of game art (collision, lods , etc.)

Credit goes to the amazing LB team:

Art Direction: Tramell Isaac
Environment Lead: Josh Rife
Environment Art: Eric Klokstad, Ned Gasorntip, Neil Pascarella, Ivan Bonachea, Josh Pegram
Level Design: Hunter Peyron
FX: Nick Peterson, Brandon Bickford
Lighting/TA: Jonathan Bishop
TD: Jonathan Ferguson
Outsourcing: Ryan Hawkins

August 26, 2017