IngameAsylum: Patient Series

Jayson miller 01 patientregistration 01

I remember when Mom sat me in this chair for registration. All the faces in the room were looking back at me. I swear i could hear laughter...and what i thought were screams...but none of their mouth's were moving...

Jayson miller 02 balcony 01

I still lean on this railing and watch the other patients dread having to see the Doctor...Just look at their faces..always staring back at me...

Jayson miller 03 office 01

The fire was so warm, that i would sit and talk with Don for what seemed like hours while the Doctor was away with other patients...Isn't he so handsome sitting there?

Jayson miller 04 officehallway 01

I'll never forget when Don tried to attack the Doctor for hurting him...He tore the place up! It was hard to hear all the commotion over the sound of his laughing though...I wonder what was so funny?

Jayson miller 05 security 01

Leonard the security guard still creeps me out...Hes always there smiling at me...and his eyes never move away from mine...That was the worst night...When nobody could hear me...

Jayson miller 06 basementtop 01

Don's been gone for a few days now...They told me to never open this door, but it was left cracked open and I can't help but think I keep hearing his voice...Wait....Do you hear that? Do you hear Don's voice?

Jayson miller 07 basementhallway 02

These...These stairs are covered in blood! Is..Is this Don’s blood What's that noise?

Jayson miller 08 basementhallway 01

Hello? Is anybody down here? Its so quiet and cold down here...Wait...Is that laughing I hear so far away?

Jayson miller 09 cell 01

Oh my god...Don! Why are you still laughing?! Look at your wrists!

Jayson miller 10 patientholdings 01

They told me Don had to leave after that night...but I think they're all crazy since obviously he's still here playing with me at night...silly Doctor...

Jayson miller 11 stairs 01

Well the Doctor's calling me in again. Come on Don. Let's go see him one last time.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I wanted to do a project using my work on the popular Twitch streamer InGameAsylum ( 's release of his Asylum 3.0! (Which can be viewed here: ). [I'll be posting shots of the actual environment in the coming days i'm sure].

*This series is COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of InGameAsylum's actual lore. I wanted to create intimate shots to tell some sort of a story from a patient of the asylum's perspective.

For Clarity: The story takes place from the perspective of a past patient, A young girl that goes through registration at the Asylum, and recounts particular memories from her experiences there.

Project was made from a huge mish mash of custom created assets as well as store packs all run through my master mats etc. I hope to do more of these in the future since really it's a focus of mine to be able to better tell a narrative from environment's alone!

Happy Halloween, and be safe out there kids ;)