Professional – Halo 5 Guardians

I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the MP Architecture team on Halo 5’s new game mode Warzone and was mainly responsible for the Garage and supporting architectural structures across the first shipped Warzone maps with working with design feedback, modeling, texturing, set dressing and perf passes. It was an incredible team effort across many different disciplines! Big Thanks and credits to Architecture team and leads that I worked with on a daily basis (and many more not mentioned): Wade Mulhern, Donnie Taylor, Tim Diaz, Ryan Peterson, Ben Nicholas, and Mark Nicolino.

Personal – Awakening Scifi Room 

A certain Abandoned Scifi Room done in UE4. This one was a quick and fun project done in about a week. (I gave myself a loose story background of an abandoned room on some dusty planet. After a certain event, the bio scans in the room flicker and boot up after detecting nearby life forms.) The project was done using two trim sheets and a master shader made in UE4 to instance and vary color, as well as adding vertex painting for variation. Lighting was done using point and spot lights with IES profiles where necessary.

Personal – Small Scifi Room 

A Small Scifi Room done in UE4. This one was challenging as I chose to do the scene using only 1 main 2k texture sheet, and a smaller 512 decal sheet. I did run a material instance for easy color swaps. The lighting was fairly basic as it was more of a test to see how much I could get away with using 1 texture sheet.

Personal – WHK Sketch

We Heavenly Kings is a personal project still in it’s infancy. I hope to revisit this piece again in the future, but this first scene was a test bed into getting familiar with UE4. I wanted to test how much I could get away with lighting with as few assets as possible, but still conveying a general mood (albeit dark.) It was a quick and fun opportunity to go through specific pipelines with importing assets, texturing, decals, basic particles & FX, post processes, etc. All assets were created by me except for the Cliff faces – those were taken from Epic’s KITE demo.

Personal – Misc & Studies

A few of my Weekend Warrior projects – mostly small studies trying to improve and focus on specific things in short spurts of time. Mostly an area for wips, renders, and lookdev explorations.